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Guidelines for Photographers & General Information to our Visitors

Don1Welcome to Spanish Village Art Center, a historical and unique art village within Balboa Park.  You are welcome to visit each studio and the artists that are set up on the patio at no charge.

Visitors (including photographers) are expected to respect the property of Spanish Village Art Center and the studios and members of Spanish Village Art Center.

Hours: Photographers my come to Spanish Village Art Center with their clients before or after business hours to photograph the doors and outside of the studios.  Most of our studio artists start setting up around 10:00 am and close between 4:00 – 5:00.  However, they may open earlier or stay open later.   If a studio is open for business, keep the studio doorway unblocked for business no matter what time it is.  Our patio artists set up earlier and take down later please respect their area and make sure not to impede their business.  Do not leave cords or any equipment in the way of visitors, on planters, trees or tables these can obstruct other visitors and is not allowed.

Do not ask artists to borrow electricity, a ladder or any other items including artwork. You need to bring your own set-up.

Do not move any furniture, umbrellas, flower pots, tables, chairs or any other items that are in located in front of our Art Studios or on our patio.   These items typically belong to the individual artists and should be respected.

Historical Patio: Many of the wood benches are historical and should not be moved, they are here for our guests to sit and rest. Do not stand on the planters or the cement tables and benches.  They are balanced and can tilt or break if extra weight is on them.  You are also at risk to harm yourself or others around you.  You could be asked to pay for any damages you may incur.

Patio Events and Approved Musicians & Vendors:  Photographers and their subjects are all expected to abide by and respect our rules.  Please make sure the patio does not have a paid event like a wedding, corporate party, guild show or any Spanish Village event in progress while you are trying to photograph. Our musicians and vendors have been approved and are scheduled to be on our patio, please do not disturb or obstruct them.

Photographing the Art:  Most artists ask that you do not photograph their art or use it in your photo shoots.  Please ask permission before photographing their art and respect the artist’s request.

Spanish Village Art Center has an agreement with the City of San Diego to have every door open to the public for art viewing during business hours.  (Spanish Village Art Center has a SUP-Special Use Permit- from the City of San Diego.)  We can ask the offending party to leave and or call the Park Rangers who will escort you away.   We can request your business name and ask for your business license and permit. We will not hesitate to contact the Park Ranger if you are becoming a problem

Photographers can obtain their permit by contacting the Balboa Park Administration Building, Rear of building, outside door #1, 2125 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA

Be respectful and courteous to all visitors, artists and studios in Spanish Village Art Center.

Photographer guidelines



Media and Press Information

Contact: Call for details (619) 233-9050

Patio Rental Information

Our Spanish Village patio courtyard is available for Weddings and private parties. For more information or to reserve your date please contact the Patio Coordinator at or call 619-233-9050.

Host An Unforgettable Celebration at Spanish Village Art Center

We would like to invite you to discover the enchantment of our historic courtyard and artist village. Your guests can enjoy a night under the stars in our beautifully lit courtyard. Now is a perfect time to experience the magic of the Spanish Village Art Center. Our unique setting is perfect for corporate events, company meetings, holiday parties, weddings, or other special occasions. You and up to 500 guests can enjoy a spectacular setting for your next event. Make your celebration a night to remember. Book your event today! Contact the Patio Coordinator at


SVAC Board Members


  • Acting President: Frank Casciani
  • Vice President: Grace Miller
  • Recording Secretary: Daphne Gaylord
  • Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Scheuermann
  • Treasurer: Adrienne Hulme

Board of Directors:

  • Patrick Cowan
  • Lynn Daniel
  • Jon Evans
  • Thelma Camacho Ivie
  • Maureen King
  • Rosa Ruiz
  • Kathi Vargo
  • Elizabeth Woolrych

Guild and Association Board Members:

  • Jeanne Abriel – San Diego Enamel Guild- Studio 5
  • Tom Edwards – San Diego County Carvers Guild – Studio 38
  • Roberta Klein – San Diego Potters’ Guild – Studio 29
  • Padgett Mason – Southwestern Artists’ Association – Gallery 23
  • Marci Stinton – The Art Glass Guild – Studio 25
  • Kim Ogburn – San Diego Sculptor’s Guild – Studio 36